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8 Faucet Brands Made in the USA

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Picking out a new a faucet can be a frustrating decision. You definitely don’t want to buy a faucet that you end up replacing in two years. With so many faucet brands out there, how do you know which one is right for you?

The key is to get a faucet brand made in the USA.

American made faucets are consistently the best.

The problem is that brands are a bit sneaky about where their faucets are made.

We did a ton of research. We read company 10K reports, SEC filings, emailed customer service, and even had to call a few companies pretending to be doing a school report.

There are 8 USA made faucet brands to pick from! We’ll do a high level overview of each one.

faucets made in the USA

What’s So Good About American Made Faucets?

Faucets made in the USA are higher quality, more durable, and will require much less maintenance.

It’s no secret that American made products tend to meet higher standards of production. The downside of high quality is high cost. Faucets made in the USA are usually more expensive. The majority of USA made faucets brands have lifetime warranties!

Lots of companies will source parts of faucets overseas from Southeast Asia and then assemble the faucets here in the United States.

Faucet BrandWhere they are made
DeltaDelta Faucet Company is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. They have global manufacturing facilities located in:
Greensburg, Indiana; Jackson, Tennessee; Lapeer, Michigan; Morgantown, Kentucky; and Panyu, China.
MoenOlmstead, Ohio
KohlerKohler, Wisconsin
Hansgrohe“We deliver our faucets, showers, and other products to more than 152 different countries. This makes Hansgrohe a global player in the sanitation industry. We have production sites in Germany, France, the USA, and China.”
Chicago FaucetsChicago Faucets maintains offices in Des Plaines, as well as an assembly plant in Michigan City, Indiana and a foundry in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Chicago Faucets is one of only a few companies that still produce permanent mold, yellow brass faucet castings right here in the US.
Waterstone“To us, it’s important to keep quality manufacturing and jobs in the U.S. where it belongs. Since 1999, we have made it all right here – in our factory in California. We take great pride in being able to say that we are truly Made in the USA.”
BrizoMost Brizo faucets are assembled and finished at Brizo’s highly automated assembly plant in Jackson, Tennessee. Some of the components used in the faucet are also made in Jackson and at Delta’s plant in Greensburg, Indiana. Some are also imported from Asia countries like China and Chinese Taiwan.
SymmonsAt Symmons, we’re proud to have a manufacturing facility located in Braintree, MA producing over 500 products that are compliant with the Buy American Act.

Why We Picked Delta for Our House Renovation

My wife and I are big fans of Delta.

We renovated our bathrooms a couple of years ago and bought almost exclusively Delta products.

We did a ton of research trying to pick the best faucet brand and our final three were Moen vs Delta vs Kohler. All three of these are American made faucet brands.

We loved the durability Kohler offered, but it was the most pricey of the “big three”. Delta and Moen were also more advanced technologically.

When it came to Moen vs Delta, we ended up deciding on Delta.

Delta is the most affordable of three.

We ended up going with the Delta Trinsic widespread faucet in champagne bronze for our bathroom faucets.

gold delta bathroom widespread faucet

We also went with the Delta Dryden for our bathtub faucets and the Delta Trinsic handle with Linden In2ition shower head for our master bathroom.

side by side delta shower heads

Our bathroom faucets, showerheads, bathtub faucets, and toilets are all Delta-made.

My wife and I are huge fans of Delta products and we use them all over our house. They’re the perfect blend of high quality + design + price. That’s why I think Delta is the best faucet brand on the market.  

Faucet Brands Made in the USA

There are 8 USA made faucet brands that I’ve researched, reviewed, and tested. In our own home, we ended up going with Delta because of the perfect combination of quality and price.

I’ll share out high level summary of each brand with pros/cons so that you can decide which one is best for you!

1. Delta – Overall Best American Made Faucets

My wife and I are huge fans of Delta products and we use them all over our house. Our showerheads, bathtub faucets, and toilets are all Delta-made.

Where are Delta faucets made?

Delta has 5 manufacturing facilities and 4/5 of them are located here in the United States! If you’re looking for the best American made faucets, this is the brand for you. They have one facility in China.

It’s hard to know which faucets are made in the Chinese facility versus the American ones. Delta has a sub-brand called Peerless that is cheaper and I think those faucets are made in China.

In short, the cheaper the Delta faucet, the more likely it’s manufactured in their one Chinese location.

Delta was founded in 1954 and is now a subsidiary of the Masco Family Corporation. Over the years, Delta has produced many faucets offering simplicity, great functionality, durability, and elegance.

TechnologyHigh-tech: Great touch technology
Design Tie
FinishesBathroom: 15
Kitchen: 12
ModelsBathroom: 400+
Kitchen: 225
WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty

The driving belief behind Delta is that water has the power to transform the way people feel every day. They create simple solutions to bring a great change in the human view.

Delta has a history of innovation in the plumbing and faucet industry. They’ve had advancements like Touch2O®, MagnaTite® Docking, and H2Okinetic® Technologies. These technologies have consistently improved the function and performance of Delta faucets.


  • Affordable – Delta carries a line of faucets that go for as low as $70 and can go as high as several hundred.
  • Install – We’ve been using Delta products in our house and love how easy they are to install.
  • High tech – Delta’s Essa model is one of the best touchless kitchen faucets on the market.


  • Complex – Delta actually has three different sub-brands within their product line: Delta, Brizo, and Peerless. This can make it tricky to actually know which one to get.

My wife and I are huge fans of Delta products and we use them all over our house. Our showerheads, bathtub faucets, and toilets are all Delta-made.

delta faucet
delta shower head

2. Moen

moen bathroom faucet

We bought our house back in 2018 and have been slowly renovating our space. After a ton of research we decided that Moen faucets were top of the line, but out of our price range. 

We love Moen faucets, but they’re on the expensive side.

I have an old Moen faucet in our kitchen that we haven’t replaced yet. Our dream is to replace it with one of Moen’s touchless faucets whenever we fit it in the budget.

We reached out to Moen to see where their faucets are manufactured. They responded that their faucets are made in Olmstead, Ohio!

Moen faucets have been around since 1937 when Al Moen started his company. They’re known for their line of bathroom, kitchen, bathtub, and shower heads. They got their start by making high quality single-handle faucets after the founder experienced an accidental burn by a two handle faucet.

Price $$$
TechnologyHigh-tech: Great for high power
DesignWide variety of options
FinishesBathroom: 11
Kitchen: 7
ModelsBathroom: 400+
Kitchen: 450+
WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty

Moen has consistently improved the look and performance of its faucets, resulting in some of the highest quality bathroom products on the market.

Their faucets are sleek, durable, and well designed. They’ve also got more options than anyone else to pick from. 

The most unique thing about Moen is their high-tech approach and innovation. They are leaders in the faucet industry and are often the first company to pioneer new technology and innovations.

Moen’s innovations for kitchen faucets include MotionSense™, Power Clean™, Power Boost™, Reflex™ Pulldown Kitchen Faucets, Spot Resist™ Finish, M•PACT®, and Hydro Roller™ Massage Combination Shower.


  • Design – Moen carries a number of different models, finishes, and technology options.  
  • Warranty – Moen’s warranty is one of the best in the plumbing industry with lifetime coverage if there’s no damage during the installation.


  • More expensive – Moen faucets are high end, but that can also come with a high price. If you’re budget-minded, then Moen’s price point could be tough.

3. Kohler


I grew up using Kohler products. Everything in our house was Kohler: Sinks, faucets, toilets, showerheads. 

I’m pretty sure my childhood home still has the same Kohler products that it came with when it was built in 1997. 

Where are Kohler faucets made?

Kohler has have manufacturing facilities all over, but their main assembly takes place in Kohler, Wisconsin. Their durability comes from the fact that these faucets are made in the USA.

Kohler is known for durable and high quality products. 

Kohler is one of the oldest and largest plumbing companies in the world. They’re one of the best American made faucet brands in the country. When it comes to bathroom and kitchen faucets, they’re widely considered to be top of the line. 

TechnologyAverage technology options
DesignWide variety
FinishesBathroom: 12
Kitchen: 11
ModelsBathroom: 97
Kitchen: 95
WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty

The company was founded by John Kohler in 1873. They were the first company to create a one-piece bathtub for everyday use. These days they offer absolutely every plumbing product you could ever need. 

They are best known for their touchless technology in kitchen and bathroom faucets. That’s one of the reasons they are super popular in commercial spaces. They also produce one of the most durable toilets. 

Kohler is also one of the most innovative companies when it comes to being environmentally-friendly. They are working hard to create more products that use less water and energy while remaining effective.


  • American Made – Kohler faucets are one of the few faucet brands made in the USA guaranteeing a higher quality faucet. 
  • Environmentally friendly – Many Kohler faucets are designed with an option to utilize less water making it better for the environment.
  • Variety – Kohler has a huge lineup of different faucet options from type of finish to design and installation type to handle type.


  • Less specialized – Kohler has one of the widest product offerings with plumbing products. They are less specialized on faucets than other brands like Delta or Glacier Bay.
  • More expensive – Compared to other brands like Moen and Delta, Kohler is on the pricey side.

4. Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe is known for their minimalistic design. If you are designing a kitchen or bathroom and want to go with a modern or minimalist aesthetic, Hansgrohe is for you.

I personally don’t have any experience owning Hansgrohe products, but one of my best friends does. They recently renovated their bathrooms so I had him write a mini-review of Hansgrohe.

My friend’s Hansgrohe review:

“I’ve been using Hansgrohe products in my home for quite some time now. And I’ll be honest, they’re the first brand that I think of when attempting to upgrade or renovate my kitchen or the bathrooms within my house. 

The reason why I feel like I can trust Hansgrohe is that they’re one of the world’s largest kitchen and bathroom faucet manufacturers. And they offer a staggering variety of faucets for homeowners, like myself, and businesses.”

And it’s not just their designs that are top-notch, but Hansgrohe is known for its high quality, functionality, durability, and finishes in the plumbing industry. 

The company has a long and storied history. Hansgrohe was initiated in 1901 by Hansgrohe, the head of the Grohe family. 

Hansgrohe is a German brand, however they do have manufacturing facilities in the United States. They also have facilities in Germany, France, and China. If you want to know which specific faucets are made in the USA, you’ll need to reach out to them.

The good news is that German made faucets are also fantastic. Hard to go wrong with Hansgrohe.

They made essential innovations in bathroom and shower fixtures and were keenly responsible for transitioning from bathtubs to showers, as a means of increasing affordability. 

TechnologyWater conservation
DesignWide variety
FinishesBathroom: 9
Kitchen: 8
ModelsBathroom: 109
Kitchen: 61
WarrantyLimited warranty (5 years)

Hansgrohe’s innovative journey began with the hand shower and then continued with developing wall panels that made way for the modern shower we all use now. 

I can only imagine how forward-thinking this change might have been back in 1953. The difference between Grohe and Hansgrohe faucets is Grohe’s focus on sustainability and water conservation while Hansgrohe focuses on manufacturing quality. Since then the brand has moved on to introducing water-saving products and new technology of all kinds. 

Something I’ve been a fan of has been the introduction of the luxury brand Axor for exclusive high-end bathroom collections.


  • High-Quality products – Hansgrohe, without a shadow of a doubt, manufacture some of the most high-quality products available on the market. 
  • Large Variety of Styles – Hard to argue that Hansgrohe doesn’t have the most versatile style in the market. Regardless of your personal preference, you’ll find something you’ll like at their stores.
  • Trust-worthy – The company has been at the forefront of the industry for over a century now. Their brand loyalty is everything to them, and it is one of the reasons why they are so trusted by their consumers, myself included. 
  • Simple Installation – Unlike much of their competition, the Hansgrohe product line is quite simple to install into your kitchen or bathroom. And doesn’t require you to spend any more time than necessary to get these products working for you. 


  • Delicate Construction – Without a doubt, one of the most important disadvantages of the Hansgrohe product line is that their faucets are incredibly delicate. Although the individual pieces are high-quality, they can be broken easily if unnecessary, excessive, force is used on them. 
  • Expensive – Although much of their product line is priced reasonably, some of their products such as those under the Axor luxury brand are priced incredibly high. This makes them quite unattainable for the average person. 

5. Waterstone

Waterstone Faucets may be one of the newer kids on the block, but what they lack in pedigree, they certainly make up for in quality. Founded in 1999, Waterstone is known for its exquisite craftsmanship. They produce stainless-steel and brass faucets with a strong European influence.

Waterstone manufactures all of their faucets at their facility in California.

They started off focusing on water filtration devices and technology and quickly expanded to offer their own line of kitchen faucets.

Other than water filtration, they aren’t known for their technological innovation. BUT they are known for their design and quality.

If you want a high in luxury faucet like a bridge faucet or pull down faucet, Waterstone could be perfect for you. They also a wide selection of pot filler faucets compared to other faucet brands.

This fast-growing brand has quickly become one of the leading kitchen faucet brands in the United States while making its mark on the overseas market also.

PriceMost Expensive!
TechnologyLow tech (water filtration)
DesignSpecialize in pull-down, bridge faucets, and pot fillers
FinishesKitchen: 31
ModelsKitchen: 88
WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty


  • Handmade – Each of Waterstones products is made by hand meaning they have unrivaled attention to detail.
  • Luxury –This is a brand that is known for creating luxury products.
  • Design options – Most brands only manufacture a few options for luxury faucets, but Waterstone has a big line of higher end faucets.


  • No bathroom faucets – Waterstone currently only produces kitchen, prep, and bar faucets.
  • Price – These are high-end faucets, and as such, attract a high-end price tag.

6. Brizo

Brizo is a high-end brand that specializes in sustainable products of superior quality. Not only is the range great for ensuring you greatly reduce the amount of water you waste, but they also look fantastic, too.

Where are Brizo Faucets Made?

Most of Brizo faucets are assembled and finished at Brizo’s highly automated assembly plant in Jackson, Tennessee. Some of the components used in the faucet are also made in Jackson and at Delta’s plant in Greensburg, Indiana. Some are also imported from Asia countries like China and Chinese Taiwan.

If you want to know which faucets are made where, you’ll need to reach out to their customer service team.

The general rule of thumb is that the cheaper the faucet, the more likely it’s manufactured overseas.

Brizo is the higher end brand related to Delta faucets. They don’t have a wide selection of types of kitchen faucets: Pull down, pull out, bridge faucets, and articulating faucets. If you want anything higher tech like touchless or water filtration, you’ll be better off with Delta.

The faucets they do make are super high quality. When it comes to types of bathroom faucets, they have a really wide selection of widespread faucets and wall mount faucets.

TechnologyLow tech
DesignLimited for kitchen + more for bathroom faucets
FinishesBathroom: 18
Kitchen: 10
ModelsBathroom: 250
Kitchen: 99
WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty


  • Eco-friendly – Brizo specializes in eco-friendly products, meaning you’ll be able to drastically reduce water wastage in your home.
  • Handmade – All Brizo faucets are handmade with great care and attention.


  • Hard-to-find – Being a very exclusive brand, you can’t buy Brizo products in many places.

7. Symmons

Symmons was founded in 1939 by Paul Symmons. The company has been headquartered in Boston for over 80 years!

Symmon’s motto is “High-End Designer Finishes Without the High-End Cost!” Their goal is to provide high quality faucets at a decent price.

Their manufacturing facility is located in Braintree, MA where they make over 500 products that are all compliant with the Buy American Act.

They have a good range of different types of faucets, number of handles, and different mounting types. The good news is that whatever kind of faucet you want, Symmons probably has it!

TechnologySpecialize in valve technology
DesignModern / Sleek
FinishesBathroom: 7
Kitchen: 5
ModelsBathroom: 301
Kitchen: 93
WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty


  • Durable – Symmons faucets are built to last! They are well made, meeting high manufacturing standards! These faucets will last.
  • Sleek design – If you like a modern design, Symmons is for you! Their faucets are especially good if you’re going for a mid-century modern or modern+farmhouse aesthetic.


  • Limited finishes – Symmons only has a handful of finish options for both bathrooms and kitchens.

8. Chicago Faucets

Chicago Faucets are known for creating a great range of commercial-style faucets that are very durable and suitable for high-use environments. If you’re looking for a bathroom faucet made in the USA for your home, I’d scroll back up.

Chicago faucets are super high quality, but they are strictly commercial. In theory, you could get one for your home, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

For what it’s worth though, Chicago Faucets specialize in touchless technology.

My guess is now you’re going to see these everywhere you go. They’re super popular in restaurants, schools, and medical offices.


  • Built to last- Chicago Faucets are built to take everything that a commercial kitchen can throw at it.
  • Great water efficiency- These faucets are designed so that you don’t waste a drop of water that you don’t need to.


  • Limited design choice- This brand is more centered on function over design.

Decision Guide: How to Pick the Best USA Made Faucet Brand for You

If you’re trying to pick between a few of the different USA made faucet brands then skim through these six criteria to see which one is right for you.

Certain brands might be a better fit depending on what you value most.

1. Overall quality

It’s hard to quantify the overall quality of a brand’s faucets, but some brands are known for being high quality.

The big 3 are known for consistently producing incredibly high quality faucets. Moen, Delta, and Kohler have a combined 300+ years of history in the plumbing industry.

All of the American made faucets are high quality though. Waterstone probably makes the highest quality of kitchen faucets made in USA, but they are the most expensive.

If you want to guarantee getting a quality faucet, go with one of these three brands.

2. Cost

Price is almost always a big decision point when it comes to deciding on a faucet. Whether you’re replacing a faucet that is old or designing a bathroom/kitchen from scratch, you need to consider the cost.

Faucets have two associated costs: the cost of the faucet itself and the cost to install it. The installation cost will mostly be determined by the type of faucet you buy. The cost of the faucet itself is very dependent on the brand.

  • Delta is the cheapest of the big 3. If you want to go with one of the most well known brands, go with them.
  • Hansgrohe is a luxury brand so they tend to be much more expensive.
  • Waterstone faucets are some of the most expensive on the list. This is for high-end homes.

3. Finishes & Colors

One of the biggest factors in picking a new faucet is finding one that fits your design goals. Every faucet comes in a color or finish like gold, stainless steel, chrome, etc.

Every brand has to invest time and money into building out their line of finishes. Some brands put more effort into bathroom faucets and others into kitchen faucets. Some brands like Waterstone don’t even make bathrooms faucets.

As you can see Delta, Brizo, and Kohler have the largest number of bathroom faucet finishes available.

Bathroom faucet finishes comparison

In the chart below you can see Delta, Waterstone, and Kohler have the widest selection of kitchen faucet finish options.

Kitchen faucet finishes comparison

4. Models

The more faucets a company offers the wider their selection is to pick from. You can see that Delta and Moen both have more than 400 models of bathroom faucets. You’ll have plenty of style variety to pick from there!

Moen clearly takes the cake on offering the most models across both bathroom faucets and kitchen faucets. They pride themselves on offering the most variety of faucet models, which is one of the reasons we love them too! If you look into each brand you’ll see how some offer their “own” style of faucet models.

5. Technology

Some brands are known for having more technologically advanced faucets than others.

  • Moen and Delta are both leaders when it comes to touch & touchless technology.
  • Hansgrohe IS at the forefront of water conservation and environmentally friendly faucets.
  • Kohler is surprisingly average in the technology faucet.
  • Waterstone specializes in water filtration
  • Chicago Faucets is great for touchless technology, but is mostly used in commercial settings. These are the bathroom faucets you wave your hand under and it works for 10-15 seconds!

We’ve done a ton of brand comparisons on our site, but we’ll give you a quick overview comparing the best faucet brands so you don’t have to.

Kohler vs Delta faucets

Kohler and Delta faucets are both great brands and honestly, it’s a toss up as to which is actually better. Kohler’s faucets are a bit more high tech, while Delta faucets are cheaper and better value.

In a Kohler vs Delta faucet showdown, we’d have to go with Delta because you get the same quality for a better price.

Moen vs Kohler faucets

In a Moen vs Kohler faucet comparison, we do have a winner. Moen faucets are just so hard to beat. Kohler has a bit more variety, but Moen faucet are cheaper and higher quality.

Common Questions About American Made Faucets

Are Kohler faucets made in USA?

Yes, Kohler faucets are made in the USA! Their products are made in Kohler, Wisconsin.

Are Delta faucets made in USA?

Delta faucets are made all over the world with five global manufacturing facilities. Four of these facilities are located in the USA with one of them located in China.

Are Moen faucets made in USA?

Moen faucets are made in the USA. We reached out via email to their customer service team and they verified that their faucets are made in the USA.

Are Chicago faucets made in USA?

Chicago faucets are made in the USA! they have an assembly plant in Michigan City, Indiana and a foundry in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are one of the only companies that still make brass faucet castings right here in the USA.

What faucet brands are made in the USA?

There are 8 faucet brands made in the USA: Moen, Delta, Kohler, Hansgrohe, Symmons, Waterstone, Brizo, and Chicago Faucets.

Are American-made faucets more expensive faucets?

American made faucets are more expensive than faucets manufactured overseas! The increased labor costs result in more expensive parts and overall, a more expensive final product.

Final Verdict: Which American Made Faucet is Right for you?

With so many USA made faucets out there, it can be tough to pick the right for you.

There isn’t one single best American made faucet that’s better than all the others. But there are brands that are a better fit for different price ranges, technological functions, or finish preferences.

As we’ve already said, we highly recommend going with one of the big 3: Moen, Delta, or Kohler.

Between those three, Delta is the most affordable!

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