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Pull Down vs Pull Out Faucet: Which One is Right For You?

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Buying a new kitchen faucet is a big investment. Whatever you end up picking will last for 10-20 years and you’ll use it every single day.

Picking the right type of faucet makes all the difference.

Today I’m doing a thorough breakdown of pull down vs pull out faucets. The names are similar, but the faucet design and functionality is quite different!

I’ll walk through the differences between pull down and pull out faucets, their advantages and disadvantages, and which style will work best in your kitchen.

pull down vs pull out faucet

What is the Difference Between Pull Down and Pull Out Faucets?

The main difference between pull down and pull out faucets are their appearance and how the faucet head separates from the spout. Pull down faucets have a high arching faucet spout that is aimed downward into the sink. The faucet hose runs through the arc and the faucet head can be pull downward and then is flexible to use.

Pull out faucets on the other hand feature a straight spout that aims upward. The faucet head is attached to a hose that pulls out towards you and allows you the flexibility to use it to spray your plates and dishes. These tend to have a longer hose.

pull down vs pull out faucet explanation with arrows
Pull DownPull Out
Best forLarger Kitchens + Bigger sinksSmaller kitchens + Shallow sinks
DirectionFaucet pulls down towards sinkFaucet pulls out towards you
Hose lengthShorterLonger
WeaknessMore expensiveLess aesthetically pleasing

Pull down faucets are one of the most popular types of kitchen faucets you can get.

My Opinion: Pull Down vs Pull Out Faucets

Pull down faucets are better for larger and deeper sinks while pull out faucets are more common in shallow sinks. Get a pull down faucet for your kitchen sink and a pull out faucet for a laundry room or bar sink.

Pros and Cons of Pull Down Faucets

The high arching design of pull down faucets make them the perfect faucet for many kitchens. You can layer on additional features like touchless or touch faucet technology and you can get them in a variety of different faucet finishes.

Most of the best faucet brands carry a wide selection of these.

These faucets aren’t perfect though. We’ll walk through a quick list of the pros and cons of pull down kitchen faucets.


  • More durable – Pull down faucets have less twisting and turning of the faucet hose once it is pulled out of the spout. This means that it’s less likely to have issues leaking or getting loose from the hose.
  • Easier to aim – These faucets are already aimed down into your sink, which makes it easier to wash dishes and plates.
  • Great for big pots – The high arching design of these faucets make them the perfect faucet for filling up or washing big pots and pans in your sink.
  • Best for deep sinks and bigger kitchens – The size and shape of these faucets make them ideal for deeper sinks and bigger kitchens.


  • Potential for less water pressure – The taller spout means water has to travel further before it comes out of your faucet. This can result in lower water pressure.
  • Not good for small sinks – If you have a shallow sink then you’ll have a harder time using a pull down faucet to clean your dishes.
  • More expensive – Pull down faucets tend to be larger and have more materials and parts. This can make them more expensive than single handle faucets that are static (no pull down function).

Pros and Cons of Pull Out Faucets

Pull out faucets are less popular in kitchens because of the limited range and functionality. They are still a great choice if you have a smaller kitchen or sink but want the functionality of a detachable sprayer.

Here are a few of the pros and cons of pull out faucets so you can decide for yourself!


  • Save space – Pull out faucets don’t need as much space so they work well in smaller or shallower sinks.
  • More affordable – These faucets are smaller and have less parts than bigger pull down faucets, making them a more affordable option.
  • Less splashing – These faucets are typically built in shallow sinks meaning that the water has less distance to travel before it lands in your sink. This helps reduce splashing!


  • More constricted – Pull out faucets can have a hard time being aimed at the back of your sink because you have to pull the faucet out and then aim it backwards.
  • Less aesthetic – This is more opinion than fact, but I just don’t think pull out faucets look good. They seem very simple and like something you might find in a cheap apartment or someone’s laundry room.

Is a Pull Down Faucet Better Than a Pull Out Faucet?

Pull down faucets are better than pull out faucets for the vast majority of kitchens. They look better, are more durable, and are more effective at washing dishes. They are especially better for larger kitchens and bigger sinks.

If you have a really small kitchen, a pull out faucet would be better than a pull down. But honestly, you’d be better off going with a standard single handle faucet or a bridge faucet.

Common Questions About Pull Down & Pull Out Faucets

Are pull down kitchen faucets worth it?

Pull down kitchen faucets are worth the investment. Their hose attachments are very durability and these faucets give greater flexibility for washing dishes and prepping food. We highly recommend them!

Do pull down faucets leak?

Pull down faucets do have a greater risk of leaking because of the detachable hose. Over time the faucet head can become loose and lead to leaking.

Why are pull down faucets popular?

Pull down faucets are popular because of the high arching design, excellent dishwashing functionality, and the flexibility to aim wherever you need.

Final Thoughts: Is a Pull Down or Pull Out Faucet Best for your Kitchen?

We’re big fans of pull down faucets because they look great in most kitchens and have better functionality. Pull out faucets are really only good in small kitchens and even then I think there are better options.

For us, it’s an easy choice. Go with a pull down faucet every day.

I hope our pull down vs pull out faucet comparison helped you decide which one is right for you!

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