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Ultimate Guide: Wall Mount vs Deck Mount Faucet Comparison

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Picking out a new faucet for your bathroom or kitchen has never been more complicated.

There are all kinds of different variables to nail down: how many holes, what kind of faucet spread, 4 inch or 8 inch, different brands, technological functions, blah blah blah.

Why is replacing a faucet so much freaking work? – Me to my wife three years ago

We renovated our bathrooms a few years ago and were trying to decide between wall mount vs deck mount faucets.

I loved the look of wall mounts, but we ended up going with deck mounted faucets. They look great and are way cheaper to install. They were also more of a fit for the design style we were going for.

Today we’re doing a comparison of wall mounted vs deck mounted faucets. We’ll show you the differences (with side by side pictures) and tell you the pros and cons of each one.

Wall Mount vs Deck Mount

What is the Difference Between Wall Mount and Deck Mount Faucets?

The difference between wall mount and deck mounted faucets is obviously the location where it is mounted. Deck mounted faucets are installed into the sink or onto the countertop while a wall mount faucet is installed directly into the wall. Wall mounted faucets are more expensive and difficult to install, but offer a more unique design.

Both types of faucets can be installed as centerset or widespread, single hole or three hole, etc. Here are some of the biggest differences between wall mount and deck mounted faucets.

1. Faucet cost

Widespread faucets are typically 30-50% more expensive to purchase. They also come with significantly higher installation costs if you end up paying a plumber to install them. This is because you have to open up the wall behind the faucet and run the supply lines down the wall.

2. DIYability

Deck mounted faucets are significantly easier to install. Anyone with the right tools can put one in themselves. As much as we love to DIY, we do not recommend installing a wall mount faucet on your own.

3. Space

Wall mounted faucets are fantastic for small bathrooms and vanities because it frees up valuable countertop space. You’ll see these often in bathrooms with a very narrow sink area.

Wall mount faucet with minimal counter space

4. Uniqueness

It’s hard to quantify how unique a faucet is, but wall mounted faucets are much less common than deck mounted faucets. This makes them a great option if you want to create a showstopping bathroom.

5. Cleaning

Wall mounted faucets are much easier to clean because they don’t sit on your countertop or sink. They are much less likely to have issues with waterspots, hard water stains, or toothpaste stains!

Comparison Chart: Wall Mount vs Deck Mount Faucets

Wall MountDeck Mount
Best For High-end homes, smaller bathrooms, unique designSmaller bathrooms, people on a budget
InstallationMost difficultEasiest
CleanlinessLess maintenance & easier to cleanMore risk of stains and water spots. Higher maintenance.
# of holesNormally three, but can be oneVariable (1,2,3)
PriceMost expensiveMore affordable (but still a range)

What is a Wall Mount Faucet?

A wall mount faucet is mounted on the wall with the faucet spout aimed down into the sink with handles on either side. The faucet holes are drilled into the wall or backsplash with the plumbing supply lines running behind the wall instead of under the countertop.

Wall mount faucet

Wall mount faucets are a great choice for higher end bathrooms or smaller bathrooms trying to free up more counterspace. They pair best with vessel sinks or undermount sinks because of the way the faucet must be installed.

Wall mounted faucets are growing in popularity because of the push over the last ten years towards a more modern and minimalist design aesthetic.

These faucets are extremely popular for bathtub faucets, but are becoming more and more common in bathroom sink and kitchen faucets.

Pros & Cons of Wall Mount Faucets


  • Unique design – The majority of bathroom faucets are deck mount faucets, which makes wall mounted faucets much more unique!
  • Cleaner – One of the biggest pros of a wall mounted faucets is that they are much cleaner! The wall mount faucets sit above the faucet so they require much less cleaning!
  • Aesthetically pleasing – I love the look of wall mount faucets. They have a modern-minimalist design that I think is definitely becoming more and more popular.
  • More room on countertop – The best part of a wall mounted faucet is that you gain more room on your countertop or sink. The space where your deck mount faucet would have been can now be used to store your soap, toothbrush, etc.
  • Great for small bathrooms – Wall mounted faucets can be great for smaller bathrooms where you need to maximize your functional space.


  • Splashing – One of the most common frustrations for owners of wall mount faucets is splashing. You usually don’t realize this is a problem until it’s too late and your faucet/sink are already installed.
  • Harder to install – Installing a wall mount faucet is tricky because you have to run the supply lines down the back of the wall behind the sheet rock. Then you have to open up the wall to make sure those supply lines are coming back out to connect into your plumbing pipes.
  • Cost – The faucet themselves cost about 30-50% more. That plus the added installation cost of hiring it out = more money being spent.
  • Hard to access for repairs – If you have an issue with water leaking, you’ll have to pay a plumber to come in and open up the wall to access the issue. The real challenge though is that you could have a leak in your faucet and be totally clueless. If the lines are behind the wall you’ll never see the leak until it’s already done a lot of damage.

What is a Deck Mount Faucet?

A deck mount faucet is installed directly onto your kitchen or bathroom sink or bathtub instead of mounted onto the wall. The deck is the area on the edge of the sink where the faucet can be installed.

Deck mount faucet with arrow pointing to the deck

Deck mounted faucets are the easiest to install, easiest to repair, and are more affordable.

Deck mounted faucets have a wide range of design options. You can get them centerset or widespread, single hole or three hole, and all kinds of different handle options.

Deck mounted faucets can be used all over the house. Anywhere you’d have a faucet, you can pick between a wall mount vs deck mount faucet.

You might find deck mounted faucets in the following places:

  1. Bathroom sink faucets
  2. Kitchen faucets
  3. Laundry room faucets
  4. Bar sink faucets
  5. Bathtub faucets

Pros & Cons of Deck Mount Faucets


  • Wide variety – Deck mounted faucets are the most popular kind of mount type so they have the widest variety of design options.
  • Affordable – Deck mounted faucets are more affordable than wall mounted faucets.
  • Easy to install – Drilling holes into the countertop or sink and running your plumbing underneath the sink is much easier than having to go through the wall and mess with sheetrock.


  • Less unique – Deck mounted faucets are the most common, but wall mounted faucets are super unique.
  • Take up counter space – The faucet is mounted on the counter or sink so it takes up space that could be freed up if you had a wall mounted faucet.

Final Thoughts: Is a Wall Mount or Deck Mount Faucet Best for your Bathroom?

Wall mount and deck mount faucets are both great options for your bathroom. It really just comes down to design preference and budget. some of the most popular faucet choices on the market.

If you have a small bathroom, both of these will be great.

I hope this wall mount vs deck mount faucet comparison helped you figure out exactly what you need for your bathroom.

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